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3 Seater

LSA 123 FLIP_with shadow.png

LSA 123

LSB 103.png

LSB 103

2 Seater

LSA 122-01.png

LSA 122

LSA 102_ no bg.png

LSA 102

1 Seater

lsd121_no bg.png

LSD 121

LSA 121_ with shadow.png

LSA 121

Huddle Booth Final_ with shadow_2.png

Huddle Booth

A practicalstand-alone enclosure that can bestationed anywhere in the office.

 • Huddle meeting area

 • Transient workstation

• Ad Hoc room

• Private pantry/ Lounge section

Lance Bar Stool

Wood Veneer Shell. 4 Tubular Silver Powder Coated Round Tubing. With Footrest

• Backrest Height = 400mm

• Seat Height = 749mm

• Seat Width = 430mm

Lolo Bar Stool with shadow.png
LF half sidings.png

Cabinet Accessories

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