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Indulge in a serene workspace.

Sometimes we need our work environment to boost our spirits for the long hours we work. With the White line we are not only able to solve your desking problems, but we also aim to promote a healthy aesthetic for your workspace. Available in an array of display solutions that will function differently from each set up, our White Line also helps you improve the over all feel of your workspace through “Less is more” design. The White Line is flexible enough to be your individual work from home desk, your team office workspace or even your conference meeting table.

U got it all squared out?


Open Concept Office Environment. Easy to reconfigure collborative desk system that adapts to multiple users bringing the team together.

Light       Flexible       Easy Handling

Udesk sample set up.278.png
new normal.png
udesk application1 render.339.png

Cluster Working Desks


Screen Options:

25mm board in fabric or PVC laminate finish


9mm or 12mm board in fabric or duco paint finish


10mm glass (clear or with film)

Cable Management Options:

PVC grommet

Cable tray (steel)

Cable box (aluminum or wooden finish) PVC snake vertical riser

6-port connector 

Music: chill by sakura Hz

uDesk desking system

easy-to-assemble components:

Laminated worktop (30mm HPL or 25mm MFC)


Squared U-legs (white powder-coated steel;50mm x 50mm)


Horizontal beam support(powder-coated steel; single beam for 1.20L/1.50L; double beam for 1.80L up) w/ cable management options



Ideal for any work space set up.  Be at ease with easy reconfiguration, be it for privacy, collaboration or any style of your choice. Have your own take on this classic design.  

White T desk2.305.png
White T desk2.311.png

High pressure Laminate Top 30mm
thickness with edgeband; with sit-to-stand height
adjustment; with grommet
1.20 L x 0.60 W x 0.75 H

1.50 L x 0.60 W x 0.75 H




With this unique pump feature you now have more ways to set up your workspace. Have these tables at standard height for your standard workspace or have it higher up for group huddles and brief meetings. You also have the option to promote better blood flow by working while  standing. The options are all yours with our Pump Table!

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