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Magnum Partitions


Weinfolden Panel System

Weinfolden Panel System is a German-designed and engineered panel system made of aluminum injected parts and chromium-plated steel connectors. With its aluminum frame, the system is light and easy to reconfigure yet sturdy enough as office workstation. Overall, the system is flexible, strong and stable, durable and cost effective.

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Weinfolden Panel System

The panels are held in place by threaded steel gliders that are located directly under the vertical profile on each side of the panel to provide strength in carrying the full weight of the panel and the tabletops, equipment and cabinets that are attached to it.

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Weinfolden 2.jpg


Panel height options:

·     Floor-mounted workstation panels can be anywhere between 1.0 meter and 1.8 meter height

·     Executive offices and meeting rooms may also be enclosed with floor-to-ceiling partitions  using the Weinfolden Panel System provided the ceiling is made of T-runners and removable acoustic ceiling boards

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