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polyflex ergonomic chair

PolyFlex Technology.

PolyFlex is the latest technology used in ergonomic chairs. It belongs in the family of high-quality flexible materials which  provides the perfect solution for applications where high flexibility and durability meet.

It is a material specifically engineered to achieve the best ergonomic seating experience that is durable and flexible without sacrificing breathability, comfort and maintenance.


Breathable Fabric

The depth adjustable seat comes with high density molded polyurethane foam under a special water resistant memory fabric


Polyflex Backrest

The Truly PolyFlex chair comes with a backrest slatted membrane with varied tension points that automatically adjusts to the shape of the user's back. It provides the best lumbar support with every flexible slat and air passage through every gap for optimal breathability.


Intelligent Tilting Mechanism.

The Truly PolyFlex chair comes with body activated motion adjustment -- an intelligent tilting mechanism that allows the chair to automatically lock in place depending on whichever angle the user wishes without the use of levers.

Adjustable Lumbar Knob And Bowable Lumbar Support Curve

Cushion up with this lumbar support for your lower back pain. The adjustable lumbar knob is designed to fit any size, from slim to extra large. The bow able curve provides extra comfort


Polished Aluminum Yoke (Back Frame)

Combining the material properties of  nylon-based plastic and Glass Fibers injection molded together, the Baron's frame is durable with superb impact toughness  and flexural strength unlike typical polypropylene material. 

Adjustable Backrest Height

This adjustable height reclining office chair offers a comfortable sitting experience for all users. The molded, contoured, high-density seat cushion is designed to support the body and encourage good posture. Its padded backrest provides added comfort with memory foam padding that adapts to your body shape.


Adjustable Headrest

The high-back version of the Truly chair has an option to add an adjustable headrest that has foam height adjustment, neck height adjustment and headrest angle adjustment to suit the user's needs for the best comfort and neck support.

Adjustable Seat Slider And Adjustable Height Armrest

This ergonomic office chair features an adjustable seat slider and height armrests, as well as an adjustable backrest. The chair has a high energy-absorbing, memory foam seat material, which allows your body to decompress comfortably while at work. This chair is available in five different colors and is perfect for any office setting.


Outstanding Product

Standard Testing 

To ensure your safety, the Baron PolyFlex chair has gone through multiple tedious product testing accredited by ANSI+BIFMA through SGS Singapore testing facilities.

Among many different types of safety and durability product standard testing, the Baron PolyFlex chair proved to withstand great loads of up to 350 lbs seating load capacity with its chair base passing the 2500 lbs (500 per prong) load capacity through dynamic, static, and cyclic testing procedures.


JSH 626

Truly Chair.png

JBA 628


JSA 626

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