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          Our story began October of 1989. Contract Design is a brainchild of three visionaries, Bernard Go, Boots Alcantara, and Irwin Ponce – friends who formed a company focusing on furniture systems designed to be functional and comfortable that are needed in a progressive world.


          Contract Design had his humble beginnings venturing in the business carrying his first three chairs namely the CCA 102, JE 701, and LM 801 with his first showroom located at Unit G4, CCH Bldg., 136 Alfaro St., Salcedo Village, Makati. Together with a handfull of sales executives lead by one of his founders Mr. Boots Alcantara, they braved the streets of Makati looking for opportunities and possibilities.

          With hard work, perseverance and a little bit of luck, Contract Design landed his first client, Coca Cola, purchasing the CCA 102 upholstered in rich red fabric that made it perfect for their company’s branding. Eventually landing projects with Levi’s and Johnson and Johnson late in his debut year.


Seeing how there is more he can offer to provide holistic ergonomic product solutions for his clients, he started thinking of ways to supply offices with more than just chairs -- that ergonomics goes beyond just sitting comfortably but also planning the space to have a harmonious workplace.


So with a more concrete idea in mind he started to provide high quality office furniture, mainly through modular partitions, desking and filing systems, and ergonomic chairs to fit the needs of a highly productive workplace. Since then, he was able to produce and develop his own standard line of ergonomic office products and immediately became a one-stop-shop for office furniture needs.

    Fueled by passion to spread his wings and unsatisfied with the inaccessibility of certain products and services in the market, by 1990 Contract design had his very own furniture production plant/warehouse then located at Timog QC.

    In 1992 Contract Design landed his first major client with Philippine Air Lines (PAL). Looking for clerical chairs that were cut above the rest, he had to creat a chair that had exeptional foam durability and fabric
quality. With a lot of trial and errors, restless ideation and countless furniture seminars and trade shows, he developed MC 300 – a chair that changed the game of low back swivel chairs at the time.

    By continuously honing his craft, Contract Design landed his first bank project with Philippine National Bank (PNB) with over 60 branches nationwide by 1993. 

    At the start of the new millennium, Contract Design
had another project that required chairs unlike any other.
He has been in partnership with the Swiss furniture brand
Giroflex since 1997, and after 3 years of this affiliation,
Contract Design reached out to Giroflex for a project
with Land Bank of the Philippines requiring 4,000 chairs
via a tender. 

    After a year of waiting, Contract Design greeted
Giroflex with the great news of winning the tender and
sealing the deal. This milestone took his team to
Switzerland - Bernard Go, along with his production
team lead by Rodolfo Alarcon landed in Koblenz City
after flying more than 10,000 kilometers. With their shared
            passion in providing ergonomic seating furniture, 
            Contract Design was granted exclusive
            distributorship by Giroflex – the leading brand of
            ergonomic chairs in Switzerland. Showing that his
            team upholds the same quality of the Swiss
            chairs, Contract Design impressed Peter Knapp
            of Giroflex with their fast visual learning skills and
            hard work while Knapp was demonstrating on
            how to assemble the chairs. This paved the way
            for one of his biggest contracts to date, supplying
            Giroflex chairs or Landbank of the Philippines in
            2002, amounting to Php 33 million.

The year 2002 greeted Contract Design with another
project that joined the making of his name in the
industry. Intel, a multinational technology corporation,
got the attention of local companies including Contract
Design to work with them after choosing Philippines as
their Asian base center at the time. Using his ergonomics
and engineering expertise, he presented the JS 606SD –
an ergonomic chair equipped with various adjustment
features etc etc. Successfully, JS 606SD stowed a
contract worth $500,000, making Contract Design the
furniture supplier of Intel Philippines. As if luck would
have it, the JS 606SD worked like a charm in his other
clients, eventually landing another bank project with
Asian Development Bank (ADB) later in the same year.

    Working on one corporate project to another
            and constantly improving his knowledge in
            furniture ergonomics, he thought of providing /
            marketing for a different user while upholding the
            same quality of standard ergonomic furniture.
            This idea led Contract Design wandering within
            the line of study furniture for children; with the
            goal of providing high-quality ergonomics for
            growing kids, he named his own furniture line

Contract Design showroom
has always been inviting walk-in clients to come by, be
assisted by his sales executives with their inquiries, do
some furniture demonstrations, and recommendation,
then eventually build a business relationship with them.
By the year 2004, a particular project came as a surprise. 

Like some of his clients, an interior designer (name?)
entered the doors of his showroom looking for a high
back chair – a classic executive chair upholstered in
genuine (?) leather. Knowing only a few details about this
project, he did not hesitate to present one of his best
           chairs that fulfilled the requirements of the
           designer – the LC 906, a high back swivel chair
           with upholstered armrest and floating tilt
           mechanism, and it was immediately purchased by
           the designer without the need for a tender. After
           the deal has been settled, the designer revealed
           that the LC 906 was intended to be used as the
           new congress chair. Up to this day, the three
           LC 906 congress chairs can still be seen at the
           Plenary Session Hall of the Batasang Pambansa
           Complex. (ata? Hehe)


As he grew from where he started, he found a new place
to call home where he is currently located - at 209 CLMC
Bldg. along EDSA Greenhills, Mandaluyong City. 

        Since 2005, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has
been his in-house client – providing for the establishment
like a one-stop-shop for office furniture that he is. In 2010
with the constant goal of putting up a highly productive
workplace, Contract Design did not only supply countless
of office chairs for BSP, but he also provided a desking
system that exceeded that standards of the

                    This new project of BSP needed a desking
            system and just like before, suppliers and
            manufacturers presented their best products via
            a tender. Successfully bagging the deal, this
            project came to life for Contract Design through
            a product of his creative vision and holistic
            insights that strengthen his reputation in the field
            – the Magnum Panel System.

                    The following year, BSP had a need for training
            tables and Contract Design successfully delivered
            his Walden Training Table – a folding table with
            tabletop-activated locking casters that won the

With competitors rising in the field of ergonomic office
furniture, this brought inspiration and perseverance to
Contract Design in looking for new ways to bring
in something new in the field. In the year 2016, he
became more inclined in coming up with different and
improved versions of his existing mesh chairs - he
outsourced and imported parts internationally, and with
the great help of his production team they assembled the
JS 635, a nylon mesh chair equipped with state of the art
tilting mechanism.

    He saw this chair in a micro perspective, holding a lot
of potential with its well-thought-out design featuring
nylon mesh backrest, a moulded foam seat with ribbed
design allowing air passage and breathability, intelligent
tilting and synchronized angle adjustment, and same with
all his chairs, he used fiberglass-reinforced nylon base
that can carry up to 2500 lbs. 2 years after its debut,
            JS 635 had its breakthrough supplying for


His project with Meralco further proved the
quality of JS 635 – supplying hundreds of pieces
and not one losing serviceability after so many 
years of usage. Its well-planned design,
combined with ergonomic static and dynamic
testing and certification from SGS Taiwan, are
among the strongest features of the JS 635.

    For years, Contract Design has been on the lookout
for a chair that is lightweight yet sturdy, stackable, and
versatile – features that would not be found in any
ordinary visitor’s chair. From standard PVC chairs to
Monobloc, he was not satisfied for he believes there is
more to chairs than just these features.

After various researches and analysis, combined with his
determination in looking for the right material, the
VC 125 came his way, a chair that is different from the
others capable of setting the bar higher.
From its lightweight material that makes it stackable,
perforated polypropylene backrest, contoured seat with
waterfall edge that considers blood flow, mindfully
placed stiffeners that gives additional support,
            solid round bar frame that curves to properly
            distribute weight load, to its non-marking and
            scratch resistant plastic gliders that makes it
            gang-clippable, the VC 125 featured everything
            he was looking for – a chair that brings solution to
            a modern day ergonomic problem. 

Php 15M // Since 1989, Contract Design aims to create
a better, more productive workplace and knowing that
more people are working in an office environment that
needs long periods of sitting, he thought of undertaking
new thorough studies on how he can bring a solution to
this modern day problem of sedentary lifestyle risks
encompassing a wide range of potential side effects. 

Pouring his time going through various ergonomic
engineering studies, he stumbled upon a slatted material
that piqued his interest – the PolyFlex back. With its
custom slat lengths in the back membranes, this
ergonomic backrest allows movement in unison providing
optimal support that molds to the user’s body. 

As a company who looked into making a statement, he
gravitated towards this distinctive looking PolyFlex chair
(JS 626) that represented forward thinking in a time
when more and more innovations and changes are taking
over the workplace. JS 626 was then presented to one
of his in-house clients BSP and fortunately won the
bidding, stowing a Php 15M contract for 900 pieces.

FOR BARON // The polyflex chair is designed for users
with high expectations of quality, design and comfort,
but also value naturalness of ergonomics. This chair could
almost be described as the most ergonomic chair yet –
not just because of its form that follows the natural
curvature of spine, but also because of the revolutionary
materials used to make them. Whether it’s for a moderate
everyday user or a full-time business professional with a
demanding workload, the polyflex chair caters a wide
range of users.



Contract Design & Systems Furniture Specialist, Inc. has been in the office furniture and workplace product solutions business since 1989.

  • Manufacturer of office furniture for 30 years

  • Charter Member: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of the Philippines

  • Showroom & Office:               EDSA Greenhills, Mandaluyong City

         Plant & Warehouse:                Novaliches, Quezon City

Our Products 

  • Modular Partitions



  •   Wall Systems

  • Ergonomic Seating

  • Institutional Seating

  • Lounge Seating

  • Desking Systems

  • Filing & Storage Systems 



  • Space Planning

  • Fabrication

  • Delivery

  •  Installation

  • After-Sales Services

Key Officers

   1.  President : Bernard C. Go

   2.  Vice President : Irwin L. Ponce

   3.  General Manager : Boots G. Alcantara

   4.  Finance Director : Margaret D. Go

   5.  Sales and Marketing Directo: April Villarta-Manuud

   6.  Project Management Team Head : Jasmin D. Palaganas

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